Exotic journey with Carlift Services Dubai.

Undeniably, travelling is fun in Dubai because it gives a chance to beer & skittle the outside beauty, the lofty buildings or panoramic views of Dubai. The journey becomes more frabjous when travelling in groups. Whether a family trip, group vacation or wedding, the 14-seater Bus Rental in Dubai will make your journey so exciting and safe that you will be over the moon.

People are often seen in quest of such bus rental services that can easily accommodate a large group. Along with space, other aspects are also kept in mind like safety, cost, time & other amenities.

Top-tier class vehicle

Whether it’s a short distance or long, people always consider a comfortable journey with all amenities. There is no haggle with quality. This bus rental service in Dubai has state-of-the-art buses, coasters, motor coaches etc. The customers can choose the bus services according to their requirements.

Pre-eminent chauffeur service

How top quality a vehicle is if the driver is not experienced or doesn't know the nuances or know-how of the routes, the journey can become a tiring one but our 14 seater Bus Rental service in Dubai offers excellent chauffeur service which makes your journey a memorable one.


A satisfied customer aids the company to flourish and can do promotions with his positive feedback. Our company fulfils the requirements of its customers. They can rent the buses according to the number of people in their groups.

Renowned brands offer economical rates

Eminent brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz etc. offer cost-effective rates on various coaches.

There are n number of purposes to rent a bus. Whether to travel 50 km or 500 km, a spacious, comfortable and budget-friendly coaches which fulfil all the set needs of its customers, you can avail the services of Bus rental services in Sharjah.

Tailored needs

Needs differ from person to person. If you want to travel in groups because of-

  • meetings
  • semin
  • exhibition
  • family reunion
  • wedding procession,
  • conferences,
  • training
  • School trips
  • bachelorette party
  • Celebrations etc.

For this various options are available. With full trust, you can rent a bus according to your requirements because we promise that we will live up to your expectations.

According to the group size, we have different buses that will be provided on rent & ensure comfort & safety. The size varies like

  • 26-seat luxury bus
  • 33-seat luxury bus
  • 50-seat luxury bus etc.

Bus rental companies in Sharjah offer rate that suits the customer's pocket. This is one of the best things that aid everyone to avail of our services. It’s human nature to get the best by investing less. So, we offer services that no one hesitates to avail.

From top-class transportation to cost-effective bus services, we have made efforts to reach everyone & provide the benefits so that, none will be bereaved. This attitude made us distinguished among the various transportation companies UAE.


It has been seen that people always want a good company or partner to accompany them in their long or short journeys. No doubt, a cell phone is always with us but it can't take the place of other gadgets. The Bus rental services in Sharjah provide all the facilities for your guests like Wi-Fi, LCD, reclining seats, AC etc.

Club-house facility

Some customers love to play casino while doing a journey. In this way, the journey gets completed along with entertainment. Whether it's a bridal bliss bash or a goodbye party we offer unerring casino bus services.